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CIS Returns

Working in the construction industry comes with additional reporting requirements.  You have to submit a CIS return before the 19th of each month to avoid penalties.  


Whether you are a contractor or subcontractor we can help!


We can produce the monthly certificates for your subcontractors, complete your monthly CIS returns, and even verify subcontractors on your behalf.


We can help get any overpaid tax refunded or transferred to any other taxes you may owe as a business, deal direct with HMRC on your behalf, and represent you if you have an investigation.


CIS can be confusing, with contractor and subcontractor roles having different reporting requirements.  With our extensive knowledge in this sector we can advise and help you apply for ‘Gross’ status and keep you up to date with the latest developments from HMRC.



Working in the construction industry needn't be complex

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