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Accountancy fees can be a very expensive part of a business so we appreciate how important it is that clients are clear from the start what our services will cost. We do offer hourly rates if the client prefers but we generally recommend a fixed price so they know what needs to be in the budget. It is obviously very difficult to quote a fee without knowing more about a business but we will always try to get to know as much as we can about the client so we can give the most accurate quote possible. If for any reason there is a lot of unanticipated work we will always discuss that with clients first and give them the opportunity to perform the task themselves, for example, but we would never bill more than agreed without prior discussion.


We do not automatically increase fees each year; the only time a fee would be raised is if the volume of work increased and then that would be discussed beforehand.


We always try to understand how much work the client wants to do themselves.  Obviously the better records they keep, the lower the fee, and we will work with clients to help them tailor their record-keeping to keep fees to a minimum. On the other hand we have clients who simply want to drop off their bag of records and let us do everything, but it is always the client’s choice.


A client will never be charged extra for phone calls, bank lettters, references or any advice we give.


You can also expect us to keep up to date with the latest legislation and contact you with anything that we feel is relevant to your sector/ business, again at no additional cost.


The first meeting is always free. Training to help you keep better records should you want to reduce your fees is another complimentary service we offer.


We accept all methods of payments including debit and credit card payments and offer monthly and flexible payment options to suit your cashflow.


Please contact us for a personalised quote


Being up-front with fees is one of our key philosphies

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