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Our Services

Here at Peter Price we offer a diverse range of services for all sizes of clients across a variety of industries. Our client portfolio is in excess of 250, and ranges from local builders to large nationwide corporations, charities to property investment companies. Whatever your business is and whichever sector you operate in, we can help; yet we are never afraid to say if we can’t - we have close links with specialist advisors we can recommend should this be the case.


We aim to be as approachable and ‘down to earth’ as possible and will try to help in whatever manner we can.


We want clients to feel that they can pick up the phone and run ideas by us. We would like clients to view us a ‘business support’ not just an accountancy practice that deals only with their legal requirements. Structuring a simple purchase in a business in a certain way could have massive tax implications, for example, so by having an open dialogue with clients we can be pro-active rather than reactive, and aim to save them money!


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Quality and commitment you can count on

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